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Customer Showcase
This is where past customers can post pictures, descriptions, and comments about their projects that Acoustic Visions helped make possible. Of course this is just a sampling of the subwoofers and speakers we've made or supplied items. Click on the pictures for more details.

Rob Lloyd's 85 Liter Shiva - PR15
Mark Finkbeiner's Sonosub
Darren Ferguson 70 Liter Ported Dayton DVC
Gary Eneberg's 88.5 Liter Sealed Shiva
Robert Schumann's 54 Liter Sealed Shiva
Bruce Thompson's AV3 Sub/Sat System
Kyle Richardson's Maelstrom
Rene Hollan's Sealed Titanic
John Cerbin's Tempest
Peter Shand's Pair of Titanics
Ike's Titanic
Paul Redcay
Sam's Sub
Ncog Lu
Darren Thomas
Kyle Richardson's Kit281's
John Mendez's Kit 281's
Bruce Thompson's AV3 Sub/Sat System
Kyle Richardson's Speaker Stands
Kyle Richardson's HE10.1 Speakers

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