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Kyle Richardson's Maelstrom   

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First pictures of 283 liter Adire Audio Maelstrom subwoofer construction. Enclosure dimensions will be roughly 22-1/2" x 20-1/2" x 49"
Pictures of the bracing and of my children to get a size perspective. The bottom area that does not have bracing will be where the 3 ports will reside. Smaller pieces of bracing will be added there after they are installed.
As you can see from the color of the grass, about 4 months have passed from the time I began the project. I finally found some time and more ambition to finish the project so I attached the front baffle and painted it in eggshell black.
This series of pictures shows the African Mahogany that will trim the subwoofer. The first picture shows the front panel made from 3/4" thick solid wood. Since I couldn't find solid mahogany that is wide enough for my application I had to glue 2 pieces together to create one larger piece. This was then sanded, routed, and stained with Minwax Mahogany gel stain. The 3ea 4" ports will tune it to 22Hz. and I figure that by plugging one port I can effectively change the tuning to roughly 18Hz. and lower the Q for tighter bass. The second and third pictures show the top that is 3/4" MDF with African Mahogany veneer trimmed with solid mahogany. The veneer was finished in Minwax natural stain while the trim was stained with the mahogany stain used for the front panel. The trim was also routed with a 1/4" wide groove by 1/4" deep to give it some decorative features. After everything was stained it was coated with 3 coats of Deft gloss clear coat.
Some pictures showing the glue up of the top and front pieces. Notice that clamps were used for the front but I did not have long enough clamps for the top piece so good ole weight was used. Nothing better than cast iron pots for sub construction! You may also notice the edge moldings that that run from the top to bottom of the sub. These were routed from the same 3/4" mahogany. They started out as 3/4" square then 1/2" was routed from two sides to create an "L" that was 1/4" thick. The exposed sharp edge was then rounded over. You may also notice the top piece does not sit flush with the top of the main enclosure. The top piece was routed 1/8" deep by 2" in from the edge to create the appearance that the top piece is "floating".
Some macro shots showing the wood grain of the African Mahogany. These shots were taken during the construction phase so that is why they appear so dusty and dirty.
Some final pictures showing the final subwoofer. The hard part is going to be getting it into its corner of my home theater room since I figure it weighs at least 200lbs. I just picked up a Behringer BFD so now I will get busy getting it sounding good in my room with a flat setting and also a house curve. Initial listening sessions showed a surprisingly musical subwoofer with effortless bass. I was quite impressed with how well it blended in with the mains and was very hard to localize. I was also getting about 115db in the low-mid 20Hz range with my Radio Shack SPL meter UNCORRECTED. Many more tests will follow with more concrete numbers and listening sessions.

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