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Customer Showcase - Subwoofer - Mark Finkbeiner's Sonosub  

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Mark went with a different approach with his sonotube sub. While most people try to hide their subs, Mark wanted to call attention to it and make it part of the room. Mark used the Tempest driver with a 250 watt Parts Express amplifier.

"I'm sort of proud of it and it sounds absolutely great, and is breaking in nicely. The movies are overwhelmingly different in their bass thanks to this sub, and music sounds wonderful also."

"I went with an African print, sort of a tapestry/upholstery type material, and the rock base gives it very good stability on the carpet. the vent is a double flared 4" and the 18" stool tops worked great for the top, bottom and the topper to cover the flair. they are 1 1/4" thick each. I used fabric glue, velcro & black crimping windlace for the top to hold the fabric in place and it could be changed in about 45 min if I want to. The tube is all sealed with silicon caulking, and the inside is about 75% stuffed with loose polyester, also the tube walls are coated with rubber undercoating & sheet polyester. The 250 watt plate amp is housed in an box made with 1X4" pine and screwed to the side of the tube, the remote is located on the top by the vent, the wires for the remote were just long enough to reach the top."

After Mark finished his first tube he decided to make another:

Taken from an e-mail Mark sent to Acoustic Visions:
I know it took me a while but I finely got the ~twins~ done and the pictures taken. Any one that says you don't really need 2 subwoofers hasn't listened to the difference the second one can make in the imaging of the sound stage. The placement of the sound & effects is so much better....Unreal! Here are a few pics to add to your site if you would like.

Also I have found what I think is about the best piece of video to check out a system. If you haven't already tried it, listen to about the first 5 minutes of Toy Story 2 (till Buzz is dead in the game). Awesome!!! abrupt sounds and thunderous bass. A great, short,show-off piece, I think it's better than the pod races in Star Wars.

Once again, thanks for the great service....... Lord knows I have never heard bass like this before, and no one in this town sells anything that even comes close to the power and feel of these tubes with the Tempest and 250 watts of power! They are a little big, but.... worth the floor space!

Thanks Kyle,

Some specs:
( I used Win ISD for the design specs and other web sites for sonotubes)
15" Adire Tempest (wired for 4 ohm)
250 watt plate amp (300-794 from parts express)
195 liter vented Sonotube (aprox 48" X 18" Sonotube)
3- 18"X 1 3/4" pine barstools, 3 ea 8' turned oak legs, 3 ea spacers for the vent cover
1- 4" double flared vent tube (cut to 10") (tunes the sonotube to aprox 19 hz with a 23 hz -3 db point)
1- can of rubber undercoating from Wal-Mart, also polyester sheet batting for inside (attached when rubber is wet)
1- 18" round "washed" river rock stepstone base, ( made of heavy plaster & easy to drill with masonry bit)
1- box of loose batting from Wal-Mart to stuff to 75% or so
2- yards of material for cover (aprox 48" X 62" plus extra to cover the box)
6- 3 1/2" lag screws for attaching the legs to the stone & the bottom
10 ft of windlace to hold material cover (2- 5 ft pieces) silicone to seal tube & fabric tac for the material
1 X 4 pine to build box for amp (aprox 10.5" X 10.5")( use the top edge of tube to contour to the tube) and seal all edges with silicone & weather strip.

The barstool tops cut easy, and fit in the tube with some mild rubber mallet persuading, maybe some rasping. They are set aprox 1/2" below the lip on top allowing for the windlace to hold the cover material and recessed about 1" on the bottom to hide the tops of the legs, the speaker and windlace. These units are 59" tall and over-all cost was about $375 each and weigh around 80 lbs each. Once you have all the materials, stool tops cut & stained and the legs stained, undercoating rubber inside the tube is dried with the sheet polyester attached to inside of the tube, the amp box is about 1 hour to make, and assembling the rest of the sub takes about 3 hours. A great "multi-day", multi-beer project to get you out of other household chores. Well worth the time and money if you are looking for a sub of this caliber! One word of warning to any that might build one (or two ). I would NOT recommend them for an apartment. These sonotubes rattle stuff off my son's bedroom walls and the tools in my toolbox in my garage. Your neighbors would likely kill you! Or you might be homeless with an awesome subwoofer. They are also a substantial "statement" in your décor that your wife/girlfriend might not appreciate in "her" decorating scheme.

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