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1. Who is Acoustic Visions?
Acoustic Visions is a small business based in Utah helping people get the most out of their home theater or car audio. As part of this business I found that I needed to order items to complete their home theater thus, I became an authorized dealer for Adire Audio, Stryke Audio, and Parts Express. This business is more of a hobby than a job. I love working with audio equipment and helping people put together speakers, subwoofers or other home theater components. I encourage telephone calls or e-mail from people that have questions about their upcoming projects.

2. Why should I trust you?
I understand the skepticism that may be present when you are thinking about ordering from a company that you may have never heard of. There are many companies out there using the internet to make a quick buck, do not care about the customer and then close shop. All that I can say to comfort you is that is not Acoustic Visions. I am a normal guy with a wife and 2 kids running a business to try to make a little bit of money to help support my "electronics" habit. I genuinely care about you, the customer, and will try to do anything possible (within reason) to make you happy. Bad word of mouth spreads much quicker than positive word of mouth and if I upset the customer future sales may be jeopardized. With so many choices out there that would hurt a small company significantly.

2a. I still feel uneasy. Can you provide references?
Yes. Please call or e-mail me and I can provide names and e-mail addresses of some very satisfied customers.

3. Why should I order from you when I can get the same thing directly from the company?
There is nothing wrong ordering directly from the company but I feel that Acoustic Visions can offer some things that they cannot. Since Acoustic Visions is a small business I can devote as much time as you need in answering questions or providing help. You get to deal with a real live person that can help out, something that is less and less common these days. And finally, I can offer some items for even less than the larger companies. How? See #4 below.

4. How can you sell some items for less than the main company? Shouldn't I pay more from a "middle man"?
Acoustic Visions is not my sole income, thus, I do not need to make as much money per sale to stay in business. There are many sales in which I barely make a profit in order to make the sale and create a satisfied customer who may purchase from Acoustic Visions in the future or provide positive word of mouth.

5. Do you stock all of the items listed on this site?
No. I stock some items which are more popular such as the Shiva and Tempest but the majority are shipped directly from the manufacturer and arrive to you in the exact same time as if you had ordered from them. There are absolutely no shipping delays or added shipping charges with this process and you will pay exactly what I am charged for shipping.

6. I have questions about payment, shipping, returns or warranty work.
Please see the Policies page.

7.Can you ship outside of the United States?
No. Because of continued shipping problems we are no longer accepting International orders. I'm sorry.

(435) 730-4967 1375 W. 3275 S. Perry, UT. 84302 Send questions to:
[email protected]

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