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Speaker - Car Audio   Mpyre Audio 652C Component Set   

Mpyre 652c Component Set

Combining Mpyre's 65M midbass and 10T silk dome tweeter blended seamlessly by custom made 2-way crossovers, the 652C Component set offers unrivaled performance and sound quality. No other component set on the market offers this level of quality not just at this price point, but period. The 652C is the best 2-way component set available on the market today!

The 652C includes two of Mpyre's 65M midbasses, two 10T silk dome tweeters and two custom made crossovers along with mounting hardware and grills.


Shpping: $13.00


Fs: 35Hz

Qms: 2.8

Qes 0.48

Qts: 0.41

Vas: 23 liters

Re: 3.5 Ohms (4 Nominal)

Le: .005 mH

BL: 6.13

Mms: 23 Grams

Sd: 140 cm^2

Cms: 0.5 mm/N

SPL: 88.8 dB/2.83 Vrms

Xmax: 13mm Linear

Xmech: 15mm Linear

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