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Mpyre Audio 65x 6.5" Subwoofer

The 65X is the flagship of the Mpyre Audio line. There is simply nothing else like our 65X subwoofer on earth. It is the highest excursion 6.5" driver in existence. With as much output as most 10" subwoofers while maintaining the best sound quality in the industry, the 65X allows much more installer freedom since they will fit virtually anywhere. These custom XBL^2 enabled drivers are for the serious audiophile that will not compromise sound quality. Finally, a driver that can be placed nearly anywhere without compromises to either sound quality, or interior cabin room!

The 65X features XBL^2 motor technology, a vented, 4 spoke European cast aluminum basket, dry carbon fiber cone, custom 38mm wound 4 layer copper voice coil using an aluminum former, powerful ceramic magnet structure and of course world class build quality!

$119.99 ea



Fs 25.7 Hz

Qms 26.2

Qes 0.46

Qts 0.42

Vas 11.7 liters

Re 3.25 Ohms

Znom 4 Ohms

Xmax 14mm one way linear

Xmech 18mm one way max

Sd 130 cm2

BL 9.7 N/A

Mms 76.7 grams

Cms 0.5 mm/N

Le 2.14 mH

Mount Depth 3-5/8"

Power 150W RMS

(435) 730-4967 1375 W. 3275 S. Perry, UT. 84302 Send questions to:
[email protected]

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