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Frequency response. Nearfield bass response spliced at 300 Hz. The response is 3 dB from 23 Hz to 20 kHz, anechoic. Over the critical 1 kHz to 10 kHz range, the response is an extremely flat at 1 dB (click to enlarge)

Impedance magnitude. The impedance is extremely well controlled, with a minimum of 4.8 Ohms at 3.5 kHz. Even though this is a dual woofer design, the impedance easily averages 8 Ohms over the bandwidth.(click to enlarge)

Exodus Audio Kit 261
Exodus Audio's Kit 261 is a 2-way design featuring a pair of the wonderful 6.5" Adire Audio Extremis 6.8 crossed to the fantastic Usher Audio 9950C-15 tweeter taking care of the frequencies from 2.5Khz on up (6th order crossover). This is arranged in a floor standing design with the tweeter on top with both Extremis sitting below
This speaker kit is for those that want to run full sized main speakers for both music and home theater applications. They are very musical and also very punchy and dynamic because of the amount of air being moved by them.

The Extremis features enough linear stroke (13mm each way) that you can expect in room extension to easily reach into the low 20Hz range! They feature XBL^2 technology which keeps distortion at a minimum while giving them ability to reach those great linear excursion capabilities and a very flat Bl curve. They also feature a neo magnet which minimizes the sound "shadow" behind the driver while keeping them video shielded so you can place them right next to your video monitor for a home theater set up.

These speakers are 40" tall by 10" wide and are ported out the rear of the cabinet.

These speakers would work well as the mains, the Extremis LCR as the center channel, with the Extremis Kit 61's as surrounds for a full surround set up.

The kit contains the tweeters, woofer, all high end crossover components, ports, binding posts, etc. basically everything you will need except for the enclosures This is an 8 ohm nominal design and amplifiers from 25 watts to 250 watts will work well. Rated sensitivity is 89dB SPL @ 2.83Vrms at 1 meter.

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$345.00 per speaker ($690/Pair)

Shipping costs are approximately $9-$14 depending on your location.


Kit 261 Assembly Instructions

Kit 261 Enclosure Plans

Kit 261 Enclosure Plans (Smaller Alternative Version)

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