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Exodus Audio Kit 2641
Exodus Audio's Kit 2641 is a 3-way design featuring a pair of the wonderful 6.5" Adire Audio Extremis 6.8, the CSS 4" mid, and the fantastic Usher Audio 9950C-15 tweeter taking the upper frequencies. It is set up in a TMWW design with the 3" flared port in the front of the cabinet below the pair of Extremis.

This speaker kit is for those that want an extremely smooth 3 way design for both music and/or home theater and has enough output potential to work in very large rooms. This is a floor standing design and the Exodus LCR is voice matched to this speaker so it would work well for a center chanel with the 2641's taking the front main duty.

The Extremis features enough linear stroke (13mm each way) that you can expect extension to the low 30Hz anechoic with in room resonse easily reaching into the upper to mid 20Hz range! Both the Extremis and CSS 4" mid feature XBL^2 technology which keeps distortion at a minimum while giving them ability to reach those great linear excursion capabilities and a very flat Bl curve. The Extremis also feature a neo magnet which minimizes the sound "shadow" behind the driver while keeping them video shielded so you can place them right next to your video monitor for a home theater set up.

The Exodus Audio 2641 also uses the Usher Audio 9950C-15 tweeter. We choose the Usher tweeter based upon a number of factors. It has excellent distortion figures, on & off-axis frequency response and it performs superbly with high power levels. Usher has excellent quality control over their manufacturing process giving us consistent performance from sample to sample.

A speaker is much more than just it's drivers. A well-designed crossover can make average drivers sound very good. A poor crossover will make even the best drivers sound horrible. Rest assured that the 3 crossovers used in this kit have been designed to get the most out of the drivers in this particular application. They have been designed with excellent software tools and have been tested and listened to until they meet our demands. The crossover points are at 700Hz between woofer & midrange with about a 2nd-3rd order acoustic slope. The crossover between midrange and tweeter is at 3.5K with a 4th-5th order acoustic slope between them. These are also tonal balanced to the other Exodus speaker kits such as the LCR.

The kit contains the tweeter, mid, woofers, all crossover components, port, high quality binding posts, internal wiring, etc. basically everything you will need except for the enclosures. The 2641 is an easy load for most amplifiers with nominal 6-ohm impedance with a minimum of 4.5 Ohms from 80Hz-400Hz and a maximum of 18 Ohms at the standard double peak exhibited by ported loudspeaker systems. Amplifiers from 50 watts to 300 watts will work well with this kit.

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$425.00 per speaker ($850.00/pair)

Shipping costs are approximately $14-$20(per speaker) depending on your location.


Kit 2641 Assembly Instructions

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