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Premium 18" $359.00

Speaker Complete Kits   Exodus Kit 41   Exodus Kit 61   Exodus Kit 641   Exodus Kit 261   Exodus Kit 2641   Exodus Kit LCR  

Note: Enclosures not included in $199 price

Exodus Audio Kit 4.1
Exodus Audio's Kit 41 features the wonderful 4" CSS WR125S running full range with the high end of the frequency range augmented with the Hi Vi SS I II soft dome tweeeter from 8.5 Khz on up. Dont let the small size of the 4" driver lead you to believe it wont reproduce bass because this little driver moves! A subwoofer is required to handle the low bass frequencies but these speakers have great midbass and should make a very smooth transition in conjunction with your subwoofer.

This speaker kit is ideal for those that want to get started in DIY speakers because the enclosures are very simple to build and the crossover design is very basic as well. Of course, those that have built speakers before can enjoy this kit as well if they want some high quality bookshelf speakers.
These speakers require a standard sized bookshelf enclosure of approximately .25 cu ft internal volume or approximately 12" x 7.5" x 10" outside dimensions. The Parts Express .25 cu ft enclosures work quite well (which we can supply) or you can build your own enclosures using the included diagrams.

The kit contains the tweeter, woofer, all crossover components, port, binding posts, etc. basically everything you will need except for the enclosures.

Size = 12"H x 7.5"W x 10"D (as pictured)

Shipping Weight (complete kit for two speakers)= 10lbs

Drivers: 4" sheilded midwoofer and 1" silk dome tweeter Power needed: 15W-200W (you only need about 40-50W to get to full output levels >100db)

Bandwidth: 60HZ-20K +-3db 1/3 octave smoothed. Low frequency output highly dependant upon measurement location. Expect good sub 60HZ output in room positioned as suggested in assembly notes.

Crossover: 2nd Order electrical on the tweeter only. The WR-125 runs full range with only acoustical roll-off around 10k-12K.

Impedance: Very easy load. Greater than 8 Ohm impedance across most of the frequency range with very gentle impedance change.

Spl = 85.6 @1W, 1M


Shipping costs are approximately $8-$12 per speaker depending on your location.


Kit 41 Assembly Instructions

Kit 41 Enclosure Plans

Some other items you may need:

.25 cu ft Black blank enclosure $110.88/pair

.25 cu ft Cherry blank enclosure $110.88/pair

.25 cu ft Beech blank enclosure $110.88/pair

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