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Param. ADA300 ADA600 ADA1200
Power Rating 300/4ohm 150/8ohm 600/4ohm 300/8ohm 1200/4ohm 600/8ohm
S/N Ratio >98dB
THD <0.05% (10 kHz bandwidth)
Bandwidth 2 Hz to 500 Hz, +0/-3 dB
Damping Factor 400 at 4 Ohms (800 at 8 Ohms)
Input Impedance 20 kOhm resistive
Rumble Filter 2 Hz second order Q=0.5
Gain -10 to +20 dB
Phase 0 to 180 degrees variable
Crossover Twin cascaded second order Q=0.707 adjustable from 35 to 110 Hz
Crossover Defeat YES (select none, 2nd order, 4th order)
EQ Dual parametric EQs (bandwidth 0.3 to 2.5 octaves, Fc 16 to 80 Hz, gain 12 dB)
EQ Defeat Yes
Overall Size 10.5" x 10.5"
Cutout Size 9.5" x 9.5"
Mounting Depth 4.75" 5.75" 6.5"
Weight 15 pounds 18 pounds 23 pounds
Price $449 $549 $599

Adire Audio ADA Series Amplifiers

Introducing the highest power, most feature rich subwoofer plate amplifiers available. Designed and built in the USA. The Adire ADA Series Amplifiers

The ADA series amps are a new line from Adire Audio. Designed by their own engineering staff and built in-house, the ADA series amps are true state-of-the-art class D subwoofer amplifiers. Not only bruising powerhouses (with up to 1200W output into 4 Ohms), they contain all the features discriminating DIYers desire, all in a single finished package. No longer do you need to cobble together 2-3 components - just a single easy bolt-in amplifier is all that's needed!

The ADA amps start with a fully developed half-bridge class D amplifier stage. This amp design is extremely efficient, with a full-power efficiency of over 95%! Extremely low heat/power loss in this design; in fact, the idle current is so low there isn't even an "auto-on" circuit. The amp is always awake, ready to run at any time, instantly. Extremely compact, low idle current, huge output capacity (the output devices used are capable of sourcing a massive 40A of current at 250V!), this amp is simply a bruiser.

The preamp is the heart of the matter, and Adire didn't scrimp on it. It has twin inputs that are internally summed to generate the mono bass signal. Gain is precisely set with a well-chosen 30 dB gain window. Rather than a full 100+ dB range of adjustment (making fine-tuning of levels difficult), we chose a smaller range that's best suited to use with LFE outputs and other preamp sources. Now setting your gain to within 1 dB of ideal is extremely simple.

Phase is also user adjustable. A single knob allows for setting the gain from 0 to 180 degrees, making blending with your main speakers (or other subwoofers) as simple as a twist of the wrist.

Many customers use LFE signals that already have a low-pass filter on them, but a large percentage use full-range preamps, and wanted a high order crossover roll-off. The solution? Give everyone what they need! Adire used cascaded second order Butterworth crossovers, each independently adjustable from 35 Hz to 110 Hz. You can select one, both, or neither of the crossover stages for maximum flexibility. And with independent adjustments on the two crossover points you can match the roll-off to just about any speaker out there.

But the most impressive feature of the preamp section is the EQ provided. Two full parametric EQ bands devoted strictly to the subwoofer range. Many bass EQ problems can be properly addressed with just a couple of EQ bands - rarely are more bands needed! Each EQ band can range from an ultra-narrow 0.3 octaves (just a single 1/3rd octave EQ band) all the way to an extremely wide 2.5 octaves (the entire bass range). Gain is adjustable over a full 24 dB window: 12 dB. And the center frequency for each EQ can be swept from an ultra-low 16 Hz to a high end 80 Hz. Now you can tame your room modes with ease!

And there's more! The preamp includes a full Linkwitz Transform circuit that also functions as a dipole equalization circuit. These circuits are laid out and ready to roll - simply choose your resistor and cap values (small 1/4W and 50V units), stuff them into the board, and open up the jumper that normally bypasses these circuits.

Backing up all these great features is a monster power supply. A properly sized toroidal transformer with large power caps and a high current rectifier, this power supply is the perfect base to support all this capability. The power supply is fully distributed, with a dedicated power supply for the preamp as well, so that ripple on the main power supply simply isn't an issue for the low-level preamp board.
All this is mounted on a thick 1/4" aluminum panel, custom machined and silkscreened. And fully sealed! A thick gasket surrounds the amp, with a second gasket around the preamp board to keep the entire amp airtight.

Warranty: 3 years.

ADA 300


Shipping: $10-$17 depending on location


ADA 600


Shipping: $10-$17 depending on location


ADA 1200


Shipping: $10-$17 depending on location


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ADA Series Owners Manual

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