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Adire Audio
Extremis 6.8

Power 8 ohms=180W - 4 ohms=272W @ .2% THD

THD Less than .1% HD at rated power @ 8 Ohms

Crossover Freq. 40 Hz to 160 Hz, 2nd order

Phase Rotation to 180 degrees -

Variable Gain Range 30 dB

S/N 101dB 'A' Rated

Overall Siz 10 3/8" wide x 10 7/16" high x 3 1/4"

Deep Mounting Cutout 9" wide x 9 1/4" high

Input Voltage 115/230V switchable, 50/60 Hz

High Pass Outputs 6 db

Net weight: 12 lbs

**High power Class AB amplifier **Variable phase adjustment from 0 to 180 degrees **Gold plated high and low level inputs **Level control **Auto on/off activated from input signal **2nd order electronic low pass filter that is continuously variable from 40 to 160 Hz **Line level output to daisy chain the signal to other amplifiers **Thermal overload fuse protection **Both left and right stereo inputs are summed to a mono output **Preamp board is sealed to eliminate air leaks from the inputs and controls **Main amplifier plate features a high-density foam gasket for air-tight installations

This high performance amplifier has all the power and advanced features that you have been looking for. It features 272 watts into 4 ohms which is enough power for just about most drivers on the market. The adjustable phase control provides flexibility in room placement and allows the user to "shift" the phase and fine tune the subwoofers output to their particular room. The high power class AB design produces clean, earth shaking bass especially when mated with the subwoofer drivers as listed on the drivers page.

A built-in rumble filter reduces power robbing subsonic frequencies to protect the woofer and increase amplifier headroom.

The amp features gold plated high and low level inputs, continuously variable phase from 0 to 180, level control, auto on/off (activated by input signal), and a second order (12dB) electronic low pass filter that is continuously variable from 40 to 160 Hz. It also features a 6dB high pass filter (125 Hz @ 8 ohm) output for satellite speakers and a line level output with a built in electronic high-pass filter.

This amp has thermal overload, and fuse protection for years of reliable use. Both, right and left stereo inputs are summed to a mono output, so only one amp is required per system. The pre-amp board is completely sealed with high-density foam to help eliminate air leaks around the inputs and controls. The mounting plate also features a high-density foam gasket for easy air-tight installations. 1 year warranty.


Shipping costs are approximately $12-$15 depending on your location.


Spec Sheet with bass boost/rumble filter modifications

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