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Adire Audio
Extremis 6.8

Power 250W [email protected] <0.1%THD, 150W RMS @8ohm<0.1% THD

Crossover Frequency 40 Hz to 160 Hz, second order Butterworth

Frequency Response 14 Hz to 160 Hz, +1/-3 dB

Phase Rotation 0 to 180 degrees

Crossover Bypass yes

Gain Range 30 dB

EQ Filter Q 0.7

EQ Filter Frequency 12Hz

THD Less than 0.1% THD at rated power

S/N Greater than 103 dB at rated power

Weight 12 pounds

Overall Size10.5" wide by 10.5" high

Mounting Cutout 9-1/8" wide by 9-1/8"" high

Mounting/Front Depth 3.5"/1"

Input Voltage 115/230V switchable, 50/60 Hz

High Pass Outputs80 Hz, Q=0.6, -3dB @ 100Hz(on speaker level outputs only)

**High power Class AB amplifier **Variable phase adjustment from 0 to 180 degrees **Adjustable rumble filter by soldering in different resistors. Instructions included in the downloadable manual. **Rumble filter **Gold plated high and low level inputs **Level control **Auto on/off activated from input signal **80 Hz passive first order crossover for speakers **2nd order electronic low pass filter that is continuously variable from 40 to 160 Hz **Line level output to daisy chain the signal to other amplifiers **Thermal overload fuse protection **Both left and right stereo inputs are summed to a mono output **Amplifier is sealed to eliminate air leaks from the inputs and controls **Detachable power cord.

Rythmik Audio A250 Basic
This high performance amplifier is the perfect match for most home theater subwoofer systems. Packing 250 watts into 4 ohms at 0.1% THD of class A/B power, this amplifier provides enough power to shake the walls when mated with the subwoofer drivers listed on the drivers page. It features the standard rumble filter with a Q=.7 at 12Hz and is also adjustable by replacing 2 resistors on the preamp board. While this amplifier may look similar to others on the market it has been modified slightly. Several of the modifications are: 1. A modified ground loop that reduces the hum noise. 2. A modified preamplifier board that completely eliminates the distortion caused by the auto-detection circuit. This results in a lower distortion. 3. The xover for subwoofer has been extended to 250hz (see manual for details) 4. The highpass filters for satellite speakers are modified to 80hz with Q=0.6 (-3db @100hz). This is an excellent value on an excellent product. 1 year warranty.


Shipping costs $15.00


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