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Power 380W [email protected] <0.1%THD, 245W RMS @8ohm <0.1% THD

Cap & Transformer 4 of 6800uF/100V; 600VA

Adjustable Filter 14Hz, 20Hz, 28Hz

Adjustable Damping Q=0.6 (Bessel), Q=1.07 (1.5dB boost), Q=1.33 (3dB boost)

Switchable voltage 115/230V, 50-60Hz

Phase Continuous phase adjustment (0-180)

Overall Dimensions Dimension: (W)10-3/8"x(H)12-7/16"x(D)4"

Cutout Dimensions (W) 9 1/8" x 11 1/8"

Rythmik Audio 350
Acoustic Visions is proud to offer one of the best values in the amplifier market. The Rythmik Audio 350 great subwoofer amplifier that puts out 380 true watts into a 4 ohm load, this amplifier is perfectly suited to the medium duty drivers such as the Stryke AV12 & AV15 or the Adire Audio Tempest or Maelstrom.

What sets this amplifier apart from the competition are the added features such as the 3 frequency adjustable filter and the 3 position damping control. These options allow you to customize the sound of your subwoofer to exactly what you like and what works best for your driver/enclosure combination. These toggle switch options are located right on the front of the amplifier panel so they are easily adjusted. Full documentation for the filters and damping controls is located in the owners manual located at the bottom of this page.

Features :
Low Level Input & Output RCA Jacks
High level Input & Output Binding Posts
Variable Phase 0 to 180
Auto Power On - Off
Volume Knob
Variable Lowpass 40Hz to 160Hz
Gold Plated Connectors
Front panel adjustments for filter frequency and Damping




Rythmik 350 Owners Manual

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