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Re 3.6 ohms Series

Le 1.8 mH

Qms 3.65

Mms 274.8 grams

Qes .44

Cms .25 mm/N

Qts .39

Fs 19.2 Hz

Sd 790 cm2

Vas 218.4 liters

BL 16.5 N/A

Xmax 30 mm one way

Xmech 40 mm

SPL 87.3 dB @ 1W/1m

VC Dia. 3"


The CSS SDX15 is the second driver in the CSS Subduction line of drivers. It takes what the 12" started and adds several nice upgrades to make this driver an excellent choice for your home theater, home music system, or car audio system.

The SDX15 is the first driver in the series to utilize the XBL2 motor topology. Those that are already familiar with this motor know how well it can work, but for those that have never heard an XBL driver are in for a sonic treat. This driver utilizes dual 3" voice coils that are 2 ohm each. This allows for the driver to be wired in series for a 4 ohm load which many subwoofer amplifiers are optimized for or wired down to 1 ohm parallel for those beefy car audio amps. The voice coils are 2 layer copper design and an aluminum shorting ring is utilized to lower the inductance even more. The low inductance of this driver allows for a very clean sounding reproduction especially in the upper bass ranges where higher inductance drivers begin to have problems.

The cone is made of fiberglass/nomex and is attached to the frame with a NBR surround. It also uses a forged and machined T-yoke and top plate with a larger radiused pole vent for low aerodynamic noise. The spider supports the high excursion motor and integrates the lead wires to prevent any lead slap that may happen at high excursions. The basket is also a bottomless design.

If you've been looking for a 15" driver that has world class sound quality but also high excursion capabilities for those extra low frquencies a high SPL levels then this is the driver for you!

Introductory Price $270.00 Shipped!


Available 5/22

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4" Port Kit

Dual Input Cup

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