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Exodus Audio

Param. 12D2 12D4 15D2
Fs 47.7 Hz 47.7 Hz 38.7 Hz
Qms 8.18 7.19 4.76
Qes 0.48 0.63 0.43
Qts 0.46 0.58 0.39
Mms 185 Gram 177 Gram 260 Gram
Vas 25.8 L 26.95 L 73 L
Re 3.6 Ohm (series) 7.0 Ohm (series) 3.6 Ohm (series)
Sd 550 cm2 550 cm2 550 cm2
BL 20.4 N/A 24.3 N/A 23.1 N/A
Xmax 10mm 10mm 10mm
RMS Up to 2000w RMS depending on your application
SPL 89.5 dB 88.5 dB 91.9 dB
Mount Depth 6.5" 6.5" 8.5"
Outer Basket 12 3/8" 12 3/8" 15 3/8"
Cutout 11" 11" 13 7/8"

Revolution Design Audio Alpha

The RD Audio Alpha Series subwoofer line. The Alphas were designed to be very versatile subwoofers. They can put out very high SPL while still sounding great and they can go toe to toe with anything out there in its respective class. These drivers perform great in the mid bass range and will extend quite low when coupled with the car's cabin gain.

If you want loud bass but also want it to sound great at the same time then these drivers are for you!

Some features common to the 12" and 15" models:

  • 2000 Watt Subwoofers
  • Rigid Chrome die cast aluminum 12 spoke basket
  • Organic long fiber non-pressed cone body
  • Highly damped Kevlar reinforced cone body
  • Three layer foam surround
  • Extended neck joints on cone, coil, and spider to strengthen the integrity of the moving structure for high power
  • Vented three inch high temp aluminum voice coil
  • Vented gap technology
  • Low carbon steel front and back plate
  • Powerful dual stacked 90 oz magnets
  • Reinforced resign impregnated polycotton spider with integrated heavy duty tinsel leads
  • 2 inch long excursion motor structure

Suggested Box sizes:
12d2: 2.0ft3 @38Hz with 2ea 3" ports x 12.5" long
12d2: 3.0ft3 @38Hz with 2ea 4" ports x 14.21" long
12d2: 1.0ft3 sealed
12d2: 1.5ft3 sealed

12d4 2.5ft3 @42Hz with 2ea 4" ports x 12.5" long
12d4 2.5ft3 @38Hz with 2ea 3" ports x 8.35" long
12d4: 1.0ft3 sealed
12d4: 1.5ft3 sealed

15d2: 3.25ft3 @36Hz with 2ea 4" ports x 15.75" long
15d2: 4.5ft3 @36Hz with 2ea 4" ports x 9" long

RD Audio Alpha 12D2 Dual 2 ohm



Available - Please contact us for the best price

RD Audio Alpha 12D4 Dual 4 ohm



Available - Please contact us for the best price

RD Audio Alpha 15D2 Dual 2 ohm



Available - Please contact us for the best price

Some other items you may need:

3" Port Kit

4" Port Kit

Dual Input Cup

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