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Extremis 6.8

Param. RL-p12D4 RL-p15D4 RL-p12D2 RL-p15D2
Fs 18.85 Hz 27.48 Hz 23.43 Hz 23.43 Hz
Qms 2.26 3.73 2.47 4.03
Qes 0.242 0.508 0.226 0.363
Qts 0.219 0.447 0.207 0.333
Vas 142.7 L 148.8 L 87.73 L 163.0 L
Re 6.3 Ohm 6.1 Ohm 3.7 Ohm 3.7 Ohm
Le 7.38 mH series 5.30 mH series 4.06 mH series 5.24 mH series
Bl 22.74 Tm 21.90 Tm 20.70 Tm 20.76 Tm
Xmax 24.2 mm one way 24.6 mm one way 24.2 mm one way 24.6 mm one way
SPL 87.8 dB 89.7 dB 88.8 dB 89.4 dB
RMS 500 W 500 W 500 W 500 W
Mount Depth 175.4 mm 200.3 mm 175.4 mm 200.3 mm
Cutout Dia. 281.4 mm 355.2 mm 281.4 mm 355.2 mm

Sound Splinter Premium Series

Welcome to the home of the RL-p Premium Series drivers from SoundSplinter. The Premium Series features dual voice coil drivers and offers extremely high power handling capability and exemplary performance. RMS power handling is conservatively rated at 500 watts, though these will perform quite capably with anywhere from 300-1200 watts. This series is available in 4 ohm dual voice coil configuration. Perfect for the hardcore enthusiast, the SPL competitor, or a kickin' home theater setup.

- Dual 4 or 2 ohm ohm voice coils available
- Copper Shorting Rings
- Gold Plated Terminals
- Woven Lead Wires
- Aluminum Cone / Heat Sink
- 4 Spoke Basket
- NBR rubber Surround
- Thick Gap Plates

They use dual spiders to decrease the compliance of the Premium Series driver, raising resonance, and effectively raising Qt. This can support the mass of the system much better than a single spider, and allows for more abuse. These drivers have been used with a 1500 watt amp in a small enclosure while maintaining very low power compression.

With an astounding (BL)2/Re of 140, the RL-p series takes giant strides ahead of its competitors offering unbelievable excursion and foundation-rattling bass with its huge ceramic magnet, large motor, thick gap-plates, copper shorting rings, gold plated spring action terminals, stiff aluminum cone, woven lead wires, complimentary magnet boot, and a host of other outstanding parts and design, this driver is not for the faint of heart. Based upon the TC9 model, you'll be lucky if stuff isn't falling from the shelves when you got this baby pumped up. Serious bass heads only!

SoundSplinter is fortunate to have a partnership with TCSounds Incorporated, one of the leading subwoofer OEMs (original equipment manufacturers) in the world. All of their technology is designed and produced in the USA by experienced mechanical engineers who have worked in the speaker industry for decades.

Warranty: 1 year.

SoundSplinter RL-p12d4


Shipping is approx $20-$35 depending on your location


SoundSplinter RL-p15d4


Shipping is approx. $20-$40 depending on your location


SoundSplinter RL-p12d2


Shipping is approx $20-$35 depending on your location


SoundSplinter RL-p15d2


Shipping is approx. $20-$40 depending on your location


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