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CX pictures shown. EX pictures coming soon!

Param. EX-12 EX-15
Fs Hz Hz
Qms # #
Qes # #
Qts # #
Vas # #
Re # Ohm # Ohm
Sd # cm2 # cm2
Xmech #mm #mm
Xmax 29mm one way linear 29mm one way linear
SPL # dB # dB
MSRP $225 $275

Exodus Audio EX Series

**Coming October 2006**

The Exodus Audio EX subwoofer series is ideal for those that want serious bass and a bit more muscle over our CX line. We took the CX12 and CX15 and added a stronger motor and increased the Xmax to 29mm one way for more headroom and greater SPL capability.

These drivers feature a 12 spoke aluminum basket with rubber mounting gasket, dual 8 ohm voice coils, and best of all XBL^2. The XBL^2 motor (explained below in the information library) allows for an extremely linear motor and BL curve resulting in very low distortion and great sound quality! These drivers are priced very well when looking at their extremely good sound quality as well as their excursion capabilities. They are a wonderful buy for the money!

These drivers have been extensively tested and meet our requirements. The parameters listed are from actual drivers in our inventory and are not preproduction parameter goals.

These drivers work equally well in sealed, or vented (or PR) applications. Depending on the application, a lot of power is usually not necessary as well.

Warranty: 3 years.

 Exodus Audio EX-12


Shipping is approx $14-$25 depending on your location

Coming soon

 Exodus Audio EX-15


Shipping is approx. $15-$27 depending on your location

Coming Soon

Some other items you may need:

3" Port Kit

4" Port Kit

Dual Input Cup

Exodus Owners Manual (soon)

XBL^2 Explained

XBL^2 Details

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