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Adire Audio
Extremis 6.8

Re 7 ohms

Qms 3.10

Mms 4.6 grams

Qes 0.56

Qts 0.68

Fs 67.4 Hz

Sd 57 cm^2

Vas 5.58 liters

BL 4.47 N/A

Le 0.39 mH

Xmax 6 mm one way

SPL 85.9 @ 1W/1m

Creative Sound FR125

The WR125S and WR125ST were the first small drivers made utilizing the Adire Audio XBL^2 motor technology. This driver has unheard of performance in a small 4.5" midwoofer. The combination of wide bandwidth, flat BL curve, EXCEEDINGLY low distortion and massive excursion made the WR125S destined to become an instant classic.

As good as the WR125 was there were people that wanted a true full range speaker that did not require a tweeter to cover the upper frequencies so CSS and Adire went back to the drawing board and created the FR125S. By adjusting the internal copper and soft parts they extended the frequency response to cover the entire upper frequencies and now have a driver that plays +/- 3dB from 65 Hz to 20 kHz!

This driver is very versatile and will work in sealed or vented enclosures and since it is a true full range driver no tweeter is needed meaning that no crossover is in the path between your amplifier and the driver itself! This is a very good driver for beginning DIYers that dont want to worry about assembling a crossover or even the most advanced speaker builders that want to utilize this excellent driver in their full range speakers.

Price is based upon single unit. Add two units to the shopping cart for a stereo pair. The FR125S is the 8 ohm unit and it has a round frame not truncated as shown in the pictures.

Creative Sound FR125S


Approximately $6-$9 per speaker


WR125/FR125 Dimensions

XBL^2 Explained

XBL^2 Details

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