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Adire Audio
Extremis 6.8

Re 3.68 ohms

Le 3.84 mH

Qms 5.89

Qes .41

Qts 0.38

Fs 19.93 Hz

Vas 7.79 ft^3

Xmax 20.5 mm one way

SPL 91.7 dB @ 2.83V/1m

Mms 208.3g

Bl 15.79 N/A

Sd .0735m^2

Cms .290 mm/N

VC Dia. 2.5"

Power Rating 800 watts RMS - 1100 Max

Titanic 15" MkIII Taking subwoofer performance to a new level!
Dayton took their popular Titanic Series Subwoofers and made them better! Their main goal was to create subwoofers that produce deep clean bass, have high power handling capabilities and long term reliability. The new Titanic MKIII Subwoofers exceeded all of their expectations. These drivers will work well in both vented and sealed enclosures, and with their unique VCS cooling system, they can handle more power to produce higher output levels. They have used the finest materials available to ensure that each driver is built to the highest quality standards for long term trouble free performance even under extreme sound pressure levels!

A. Rigid "Aerodynamic" Cast Frame The cast aluminum basket features aerodynamic shaped supports that provides maximum rigidity for the motor structure without impeding air movement around the back of the driver to minimize rear deflection interference under high sound pressure levels. The cast frame also features a thick rubber gasket that not only provides an air tight seal but also looks cool!

B. Ultra Stiff Composite Fiber Cone The cone is manufactured using the finest grade pulp reinforced with Kevlar fibers and sealed with a polymerized coating. The result is a very stiff cone that remains stable even under the stress of very high sound pressure levels.

C. Santoprene Rubber Surround A large roll surround is used so the suspension has the travel to handle the long excursions that this driver is capable of producing. The surround is made of durable Santoprene rubber for long term stability and reliability. A thicker surround is used to reduce the "suck back" effect commonly found when mounting a thin surround driver in a small sealed box.

D. Ventus Cooling System (VCS) This unique cooling system utilizes a vented spider and pole piece. As the cone moves in and out, air is drawn across the voice coil and through the motor structure greatly improving its thermal capacity thus reducing distortion and power compression. The harder you push the driver, the greater the cooling effect!

E. Optimized Motor System The motor system features double stacked magnets and an extended pole piece. It was optimized using FEA (Finite Element Analysis) to ensure a strong symmetric magnetic field in the air gap. The double stacked magnets also ensure there is plenty of depth to prevent the long excursion voice coil from bottoming. The motor system also features a long 2" voice coil, which is wound on a Kapton former for improved heat dissipation and higher power handling.

F. Flat Progressive Spider This proprietary spider is made from high tech material for long term stability. It provides a uniform restoring force throughout its normal range of travel. As the driver nears its maximum excursion the spider gets "progressively" stiffer. This prevents the voice coil from accelerating out of the magnetic gap during high output peaks reducing distortion and possible voice coil bottoming. This unique spider also has the heavy gauge voice coil leads stitched or "snaked" through the spider. This helps eliminate "lead slapping" during extreme excursion.

The 15" Titanic MKII will work in both a sealed and vented enclosure. One possible sealed design is 2.2 cu ft (net) which results in an F3 at 41.4Hz and a Qtc of .707. A possible vented design for home theater would be 5 cu ft(net) tuned to 19.6Hz with an F3 at 25.7Hz.


Shipping costs are approximately $15-$23 depending on your location.


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