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Subwoofer Complete Kits   Budget Series   Performance Series   High Output Series  

Let Acoustic Visions put together a subwoofer kit for you! Know exactly what you want? Great! Call and I will put a package price together for you that will be lower than you think. Don't know what you want or how to go about picking the right components for your project? That's just fine too. Call and tell me what performance you want out of your subwoofer, budget, and size restrictions and I can put together a kit that will fit right in with what you had in mind, again, at a price lower than you might think.

Kits can be put together with as much or as little of the hardware you want, anywhere from just the drivers to a complete kit. Want the performance and price of DIY but don't have the tools or the woodworking skills to make the cabinets?

We can even make the cabinets for you and ship everything together so all you will have to do is screw the cabinet panels together, mount the hardware, put your finishing touches on it, plug it in and enjoy. If that is more work than you want to do then let us assemble the kits for you! Check out our enclosure kit pricing and options .

There are three series in the Acoustic Visions lineup: The Budget Series for those who what a great sub at a low cost, The Performance Series for those who want to spend a little more to get a little more performance, and the High Output Series for those who want to shake their (and their neighbors house) while retaining high quality bass. All of these come unassembled so you can get the satisfaction of building all or some of it yourself.

These are just a couple examples of the combinations we can put together for you. If you don't see what you are looking for or would like to switch drivers or amps please feel free to call (435) 730-4967 or e-mail [email protected]

Sealed 54 liter Subwoofer Kit:
1ea - Adire Audio Shiva 12" subwoofer driver
1ea - PE #300-792 120 watt amplifier
1ea - Enclosure

$355.00 Unassembled Kit
$510.00 Assembled and finished with Veneer or Laminate

Vented 85 liter Subwoofer Kit:

1ea - Adire Audio Shiva 12" Subwoofer driver
1ea - Adire AVA250 amplifier
1ea - FP-3 Vent
1ea - Enclosure

$475.00 Unassembled Kit
$645.00 Assembled and finished with Veneer or Laminate

95L (similar pricing):

(435) 730-4967 1375 W. 3275 S. Perry, UT. 84302 Send questions to:
[email protected]

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