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Subwoofer Enclosures:   Overview   Pricing   Painting / Finishing Notes  

Acoustic Visions can make building your own subwoofer much easier. We offer enclosure kits in various sizes to fit a wide range of subwoofer drivers. These kits can be purchased as a raw kit that you can put together and finish yourself or as an "almost ready to run kit" which has the enclosure completely finished so all you have to do is install the electronics. All you have to do is choose your driver and amplifier and you'll have a everything you'll need for your subwoofer. Don't know what you need? Call (435) 730-4967 and we can choose what will best for your room and listening preferences. See below for enclosure pricing .

The subwoofer enclosures are made of 3/4" MDF or 13 ply Baltic Birch with internal bracing throughout.Some enclosures are made using 2ea 3/4" thick pieces for 1-1/2" total thickness.

If you choose the flat kit the cabinet assembly can be done with glue and clamps at your own pace

Bracing is critical to ensure that no acoustical energy is wasted in vibrations or flexing walls. These pictures show the main brace with side braces in place as well.

The advantage of DIY is that you can finish the subwoofer in the "look" that best suits you and the room. This 85 liter Shiva /PR-15 passive radiator enclosure was completed with Rustoleum's Hammered Finish paint by Rob Lloyd.

Or you may decide that a veneer would match your decor better and that is just how Gary Eneberg wanted to finish his 88.5 Liter sealed Shiva Mark III shown here. We can also finish them in a wide variety of laminates.

We offer a completely finished subwoofer enclosure as shown below, all you need to do is install the electronics:
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Or as a flat kit that you assemble with wood glue and clamps (no screws used)...
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