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Home Theater Installation Complete with Audio and Video Calibration: $95.00 Includes installation of a basic home theater (receiver or amp, video sources, speakers, and television) with audio and video calibrations to make your system work and sound its best.

Home Theater Installation Without Calibration: $45.00 Includes installation of a basic home theater (receiver or amp, video sources,speakers, and television) without calibration. An option for those who just wanteverything hooked up correctly without the added expense of calibration.

Audio and Video Calibration: $50.00 Includes setting audio levels to the appropriate volume levels (including subwoofer)and adjusting the television to proper settings including convergence on RPTV's. Advanced video calibration available on certain televisions for an additional fee. This is a good option for those who already have their system running but realize that itcan perform better through proper calibration.

Audio or Video Calibration Available Separately: $30.00 If only an audio or video calibration is needed. This is a good option for those whofeel that only their audio or video system needs calibration but not both.

Duvetyne Fabric Installation with Video Calibration: $100.00 This flat black, fire resistant fabric will make your rear projection television look great. Installed inside of your RPTV, it absorbs excess light to make the "blacks" truly black while improving contrast. This service also includes a mirror and optics cleaning along with a video calibration. This is a must for those who want to take their televis ion to the next level in performance.

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